Introducing Rach Talks Business..

Rach Talks Business will include mostly business related posts covering business news, entrepreneurship and a range of different product reviews. I hope to include lots of different businesses to make sure each post is unique and to give a big insight into many sectors. I graduated with a first in business management last year and although there are many parts of business I found extremely boring, I loved my degree overall and I want to use this platform to show the creative side of business. This blog will give ideas about where to shop, what businesses are budget friendly, what employers are best to work for etc. Although this platform will be mostly business related I will be touching on other important subjects such as mental health to make a positive difference and provide exposure to important charities and the amazing work they do in the world of business.

I have wanted to set up my little business blog for a long time and with all the free time many of us have at the moment it has given me the opportunity to focus and write posts to hopefully be a positive distraction when we need it. I hope this blog is able to give recognition to smaller businesses that do not get the engagement that they deserve and I think at a time of uncertainty it would be amazing to give back and to help small businesses out.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

Walt Disney

Rachel x

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