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The Ultimate Isolation Pick Me Up Gift Guide

Everyone is looking for ways to stay cheerful at the moment so what better way to spread positivity and make someone’s day than to send a little gift from the comfort of your own home! Many small businesses are still operating and selling little pick me up gifts to send to friends and family. I wanted to create this blog as a platform to help small business get the recognition they deserve and now more than ever would be the perfect time to support a small business.

I’ve put together a gift guide of creative and unique products that can be sent as special cheer up gifts! Each business will be tagged with their Instagram and website links so you can purchase directly from this post. These are not affiliated, just some ideas on how we can spread some positivity and support a small business in this ever changing economic climate. All products are shown at the bottom of this post.

Harty’s Pocket Hugs (@hartysonline)

Introducing Harty’s ‘Pocket Hugs’ to show someone you care when you can’t be there! This is a really unique and personalised product made from repurposed solid wood floorboards. I think this is a lovely unique way to show someone you’re missing them or thinking about them and it makes the perfect eco-friendly gift. Pocket hugs cost just ยฃ5 with free delivery so head over to the website here.

Copper Cup Personalised Hoops (@coppercup.29)

Copper Cup is a small business creating handmade copper home accessories and gifts! The product included in the gift guide are Copper Cup’s personalised hoops! They are super creative and personalised and would look so pretty in any room. They are the perfect gift to send at the moment as they are letterbox friendly. Head over to Copper Cup’s Facebook page here for more information.

Scintilla Sunrise Earrings (@scintillasunrise)

Scintilla Sunrise is a beautiful little boutique selling different types of jewellery. I’ve chosen their stunning earrings for the gift guide. I was very kindly gifted a pair of earrings from Emily for my mum and I can honestly say they are her favourite earrings! The quality is excellent and Emily is so kind; I can not recommend this small business enough. These earrings would make the perfect gift to cheer someone up during this time. Website here.

Handmade Dorset Custom Cards (@handmadedorset)

Handmade Dorset are a small business selling unique custom cards and prints and their products and packaging are made using recycled materials. There are a wide range of cards for every occasion. The card designs are creative and different to cards currently on the market. If you are a card fan I think these would be ideal to let someone know you’re thinking about them during this difficult time. Handmade Dorset’s beautiful website is here for you to browse.

The Dorothy Days Leather Coin Purse and Keyring (@thedorothydays)

The Dorothy Days is a vintage, handmade and craft supply shop in the UK. The small business sells many products including stationary, candles and necklaces. My personal favourite product is their beautiful handmade rose gold triangle leather coin purse and matching keyring. You can purchase these products separately or as a pair. They would make the perfect gift and have free shipping! Available here.

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas on how you can treat your family and friends and cheer them up during isolation. The gifts mentioned are small and affordable and your generosity means the world to small businesses at this moment in time. However, if these gifts are not for you or you do not have the money to purchase at the moment, it would be amazing if you could visit these amazing businesses’ social pages and show them some love.

Stay Safe Everyone, Rachel x

22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Isolation Pick Me Up Gift Guide

  1. I love what Copper Cups does since I love copper; I have a beaten copper bracelet I wear every day and love the looks of the hoops! Those pocket hugs hold so much love. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’ve seen a lot of my friends sending these really cute gifts to each other recently to boost morale and wanted to send some myself…though I am crap at coming up with ideas – so this post is a real life saver thank! xx


    1. This is very interesting. In truth, I never thought of anything even close to your suggestions. This is very timely because there’s an important date coming up for us, so gift ideas are wanted!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These are such cool gift ideas. There are a few that I like the most. The hugs and the earrings. I will check out all these small businesses in the near future.


  4. Awesome ideas, I think it’s going to be nice to gift custom gifts to family and I might conisder gifting one, actually.


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