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5 Reasons You Should Become Your Own Boss

From running a small business to freelancing, there are so many opportunities to become your own boss! The leap can be daunting, but rewarding, plus you’ll be doing something you love! Although selling things on eBay part-time isn’t quite the same, there is still a thrilling aspect to running things my own way. Here are 5 benefits of becoming your own boss!

You have creative freedom

Creative freedom spans from how you run things to what your hours you work. You are in control of how things are managed. Being your own boss allows you to run your business the way you want to. You have more control over things, which for some people, is comforting. Having control over things gives you a lot of freedom from the online software you use to how you ship your products out. It also means you can create and brand in your own image. You create the way it looks, it’s ethos and can implement your own strategies, beliefs etc. 

You are doing something you’re passionate about

There are so many ideas out there that haven’t been pursued. One of the major benefits of being your own boss is that you are working in a role you love and selling a product or service you’re passionate about. You can make money off a hobby, talent or passion, something that most people only dream of! Being your own boss means you can choose your products, work on them freely and continue growing your own skills as you do it! Plus, working while doing something you love won’t make it feel so draining! Your job may become fun and enjoyable to do.

You choose your schedule 

By being your own boss, you essentially control your work-life balance. It is a massive benefit, especially if you have other things going on. Working for yourself means you can take the kids to school, get up when you’re ready and have the freedom to take a break when you need it the most. There is a lot more flexibility, although it requires self-discipline to handle. Having the choice of schedule can be beneficial to so many people, plus you won’t be working your typical 9 to 5 hours. Hours working is set by you! 

You could make more money

Running your own business allows you to work the hours you want. Time usually means money, so you work hard for what you earn. It also allows you to price your product the way you feel, and charge a premium for a niche or personalised product. Your paydays could feature unlimited income, providing you have that money to pay yourself. With a typical 9-5 job, you’re paid a salary or by the hour. This money is therefore capped, but becoming a solo entrepreneur, you unlock the potential to be making more money. 

Your reap your own rewards

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your own success. One of the benefits of becoming your own boss is to see how much you’ve grown. It feels good to show people what you have accomplished all by yourself. YOU have grown your business, and YOU have made all this happen. It is an amazing feeling and one that will go down well at family gatherings! It is a prideful feeling to do something yourself and earn a wage doing something you love. Reaping your own rewards also means that the hard work you put in is shown with the amazing paycheck, happy customers and growing business you have. 

Feeling inspired? There are so many more reasons to become your own boss. You just have to take the leap! It can sometimes be beneficial but make sure that you’re prepared for the solo life! It may be daunting, but all I can say is good luck, and I hope your business thrives!

If your looking for inspiration on becoming your own boss check out my recent ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship’ posts by the owners of Wooden Gifts and More and Charlotte Wade Photography and Artwork.

About The Writer

My name is Emily, but you can call me Em. I have a little blog called ‘Love, Em’ which talks about food, fashion and lifestyle. I love to talk about sustainability and eco-friendly products while supporting as many small businesses as possible! You can find me on my socials! Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Massive thank you to Em for writing this wonderful post for my blog! You can head over to Em’s blog to read the business post I have written for her blog, ‘How to become motivated in the Business World‘. Stay Safe Everyone!

Rachel x

23 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Become Your Own Boss

  1. Loved this post. Particularly in the intro where you mentioned “it can be daunting but rewarding.”

    That’s so true because a lot of the times we’re scared to make that leap because we’re unsure of the outcomes.

    Not to say that there are any guarantees but pain of regret is often worse than not trying at all.

    The benefits listed on here are so on point. Keep up the good work!


  2. Spot on with everything you mentioned! Working for yourself is such a pleasurable experiences for those who can make it work for them. The best part is that the successes are yours and yours alone (well if there’s no one else working alongside you), you don’t have to worry about anyone else taking your credit.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  3. These are reasons why I’d like to be my own boss in the future. I currently work in retail and although it’s good, I’d like to be my own boss and work my own hours. I feel I’d be more productive too and it would allow me to do the things I’m passionate about. Thanks for creating this post!


  4. Having creative freedom is a wonderful way to be able to tailor what you write about. Not working for someone else definitely has its up sides, since I think it is easier to discover passions when you are not trying to fit into someone else’s mold.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. I would love to be my own boss one day, there are so many benefits to it. It would be nice to set your own hours, I feel like sometimes you work better at certain times of the day, so it would be helpful to choose your own hours! It would be lovely to be doing something I’m passionate about for a living, maybe one day!

    Chloe xx


  6. All of these reasons are why I LOVE being my own boss! It’s hard bloody work but the benefits are great and you feel SO much pride in what you do when you see your hard work paying off, get a new customer / client, make a sale etc! 🙂 xxx


  7. I’ve been working from home for 3+ years as a freelancer and the freedom to set my own schedule is a HUGE part of why I make that work. We’re big outdoor travellers, and my current work routine/schedule allows us to go camping and just bring a tablet along so that I can keep up with things when needed. That’s SO important!


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