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100 Summer Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

For many of us, summer will be very different this year and this can prove hard for lifestyle and travel bloggers to find interesting content with the potential of being restricted in the activities we can and cannot do. After several weeks of writer’s block, I have decided to mind map my ideas and focus on what could be amazing summer content moving forward in the current climate. The list I have created is split into many different sections so there should be inspiration and motivation in every blogging niche.

Why is Seasonal Content Important?

Seasonal content can help to grow your blog during specific times and often attract a wider audience to your platform. Moreover, search engines such as Google and Pinterest are very seasonal friendly as the content is usually more relevant to what people are looking for at a certain time which means you could be pushing your posts into higher SEO and search page rankings by creating content linked to the time of year. Below is an extensive list of around one hundred blog post ideas for the summer months. Creativity is difficult but a little inspiration goes a long way.

Beauty Ideas

  • Hot Weather Hair Tutorial
  • Makeup Tips for Hot Days
  • 2020 Summer Hair and Nail Trends
  • Favourite SPF Products
  • Waterproof Makeup Guide
  • Fake Tan Routine
  • Natural Makeup Routine
  • Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial
  • DIY Face Mask Ideas
  • Beauty Tips for Different Skin Types

Fashion Ideas

  • Thrift Shopping Haul
  • 2020 Summer Fashion Trends
  • Coolest Clothes to Wear in Summer Months
  • What to Wear to the Beach!
  • How to Style Florals
  • Favourite Summer Dresses
  • 5 Jeans Outfits for a Summer Night
  • Summer Fashion Haul
  • Top 10 Summer Accessories
  • The Prettiest Summer Bags

Family and Children Ideas

  • Keeping Kids Occupied During Summer
  • Crafts for Children
  • Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • How to Cure Boredom This Summer
  • A List of Chores Little Ones Can Help with
  • Exercise Ideas for Kids
  • Mum and Dad Self-care Routine
  • Bonding Ideas for Siblings
  • Screen Free Family Time Activities
  • Things You Wish People Shared When Becoming a Parent
  • Pregnancy Hacks

Get Creative Crafts

  • DIY Projects for Kids without Supervision
  • Nature Inspired Crafts
  • My Summer Craft Project
  • Mason Jar Craft Ideas
  • Hand Painted Rock Ideas
  • How to Upcycle Your Garden Furniture
  • Design the Perfect Bird House
  • 10 Craft Ideas for Bottle Tops
  • Paper Fan Craft Ideas
  • Make a Vegetable Garden
  • DIY Gift Ideas

Business and Finance Ideas

  • Free Activities you can do in your City without Spending a Penny
  • How to Save on Utilities during the Summer Months
  • Saving Tips for Next Year’s Holiday
  • Effective Side Hustles to Try this Summer
  • Hosting a Garden Party on a Budget
  • Sale Ideas for Your Blog
  • Summer Blogging and Business Goals
  • Ways to Grow Your Blog During the Summer Months
  • Cheap Kids Summer Activities
  • Social Media Hacks
  • Ways to Buy More for Less
  • How to Gain Genuine Social Media Followers
  • Best Annual Money Planning Tools
  • Small Business Gift Guide

Home Décor Ideas

  • 2020 Summer Décor Trends
  • Garden Transformation
  • Summertime Colour Pallets
  • Transform your Old Dated Shed
  • Best Summer Decorations
  • Summer Centre Piece Ideas
  • Switching to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
  • The Big Summer Declutter
  • How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

Health and Fitness Ideas

  • How to Avoid Summer Snacking
  • Best Home-Workouts! No Gym Needed!
  • Summer Health Smoothie Ideas
  • Summer Slim Down
  • Healthy Ice Cream and Popsicle Recipes
  • 6 Week Tone Up Challenge
  • Staying Motivated in 30 Degree Heat
  • 5 Healthy Changes to Make Today
  • Getting Fit the Healthy Way

Food Ideas

  • Plan the Perfect Summer Picnic
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream
  • Summer Cocktail Recipes
  • Unique Barbecue Recipe Ideas
  • Pack for a Summer Picnic
  • My Food Dairy
  • Summer Dinners Meal Planning Printable
  • Your Favourite Summer Recipe
  • Favourite Summer Snacks

Travel Ideas

  • 2021 Travel Guide
  • Best Beaches in the World
  • Summer City Travel Guide
  • Top 10 Favourite Places to Visit in the Future
  • Travel Bucket List
  • How to Take the Perfect Holiday Photos
  • Quotes to Inspire a Love for Travel
  • Travel on a Budget
  • Top UK Travel Destinations

Lifestyle Ideas

  • Summer Reading List
  • Summer Photography Post: Get the Perfect Shot!
  • The Perfect Summer Day or Night
  • A Day in the Life
  • How you Became a Blogger
  • Advice to Your Younger Self
  • Tips to Reduce Stress
  • 30 Day Self-love Challenge
  • Your Favourite Blogs to Read
  • Apps you Use Everyday

I hope this post has been useful in helping you plan out your blog posts for summer. Use these ideas as inspiration or directly to make your blog a success through the summer months. You can adjust each of the ideas mentioned to suit yourself and your audience. Inspiration is an important part of blogging and you can gain blog post inspiration everywhere you go. I would advise purchasing a little blogging notebook to write your ideas down as you think of them to look back on when you need some more creativity! Leave some of your blog post ideas in the comments section! You can find my previous blog post here.

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Rachel x

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