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Inspiring Entrepreneurship: Nic’s Healthy Life

I have my third guest writer for ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship’ today and I am very excited to introduce Nicola from Nic’s Healthy Life. The series aims to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs and give motivation to those who are thinking about venturing into the business world! It also to gives amazing small business owners a chance to show their business to a completely different audience. I hope you all enjoy learning about Nicola’s journey into business.

I’m Nicola and I live in Essex in the UK. I’m a freelance writer, blogger and Etsy store owner.

I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was young, so it was obvious that I was going to end up doing it for a living. Somewhere along the line I lost my way and took jobs in hospitality, childcare, retail and eventually banking, but none of those careers was my passion. I wasn’t fulfilling my full potential and was miserable.

I still work for a bank, but a couple of years ago I cut down my hours to concentrate on my writing career. I’ve been on furlough for most of 2020 and have had so much spare time to dedicate to my business ventures that they’ve really taken off. This has been my most successful year yet, career-wise. My plan is to make enough money leave my boring 9-5 by the end of the year and be completely self employed.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008, but I set up my current blog, Nic’s Healthy Life, at the beginning of 2015. It started as a health and fitness site but I’ve since branched out to write about other topics too. My blog is over five years old now and I feel like I’ve achieved so much with it. When I first started blogging I had no idea you could monetise a blog through affiliate links, ads and sponsored posts, but now I make a regular income through these channels.

After about four years of writing for Nic’s Healthy Life and building an engaged audience, I decided to set up an Etsy store. I now sell merchandise and gifts such as notebooks, tote bags, postcards, printables and mugs aimed at bloggers and content creators.

Since I’ve been blogging for such a long time, I recently decided to start writing eBooks to share the knowledge I’ve learnt. It’s another way to make money through my writing and I love that I get to help other bloggers at the same time.

The best part about being my own boss is being able to set my own hours. I’ve never liked working for someone else. If I want to take a day off in the middle of the week, or work until 2am, I’m able to. Also, working for yourself makes every achievement that much more satisfying.

If anyone reading this is thinking of becoming a small business owner, or just going freelance and working for yourself, I’d strongly advise you to go for it.

However, do your market research. Whatever your business is going to be, make sure it’s something that people want. Don’t invest all your money into something that isn’t going to be profitable. You’ll also have to learn about the boring parts of working for yourself, like doing your taxes, pitching to clients, sending invoices and keeping track of your earnings. (I think that working in a bank helped me with the money side of things, but it was still a steep learning curve).

Life’s too short to spend doing something you don’t enjoy, so I encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Nicola is available on Twitter and Instagram and I have linked her amazing business and blog throughout for you to take a look at! Massive thank you to Nicola for sharing her story and I wish her all the best in her future adventures in business.

Rachel x

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